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Fall visit to Maine I don’t think Summer is the best season in Maine.  To me, it is a matter of preference. I enjoy the crisper temperatures of Fall to enjoy the outdoors.  Outdoor fun possibilities are endless.

The Beach

If we start on the beach, the most obvious Fall benefit over Summer is that FIDO is allowed on most beaches no matter the time of day now that Labor Day has passed. Who doesn’t love a good run on the beach or zoomie-session with our number one pal?

The ocean and lakes continue to provide ample opportunity for kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing in the fall, with or without FIDO.  Take a sailing tour in a Windjammer around Casco Bay through the end of October.  You can even charter a boat for sportfishing.  Book your adventure HERE.


Hiking the trails and mountains of Maine while the daytime sun is still warm is a great way to spend the day.  Find the right trail for you throughout the entire state HERE.

Apple Picking

My personal favorite fall activity in Maine is apple picking.  I just love walking through the orchard on a misty weekend morning, picking more apples than I will ever need, with the intention of making dozens of apple pies!  I usually make ONE.  Find apple orchards near you HERE.

Fair Season

Fall is agricultural fair season in Maine; livestock, pull events, midway rides, vendors, and lots of fair food, including a fan favorite, fried dough. To find a fair near you, click HERE.


The number one reason visitors come to Maine in the fall is our gorgeous foliage, or “leaf-peeping” as the locals call it.  The timing of peak leaf-peeping colors can differ from year to year by weeks sometimes; it depends on how much rain we’ve received and when the temperatures start heading downhill.  Find the best foliage viewing spots HERE.

Micro-Brewery Tours

Most recently, fall has become the unofficial season for touring Maine micro-breweries.  Fall means visiting breweries, sampling new brews outside, around a fire pit, with the bright colors of the foliage and crisp air enveloping you. Micro-breweries also tend to have a great community spirit!  Check out Maine’s breweries HERE.

I LOVE living in Maine!