OctoberOctober has arrived with the expectation of fun, friends, and fright!   We all love the spooky hay rides, scary movies, dressing in costume, and a great haunted house to get our blood pumping in the season that brings the chill to the air.

Did you know Maine is full of non-traditional October oddities?

How about visiting the home of your favorite spooky author?  Stephen King

Or, visiting a Witch’s grave in York.

If you are fascinated with the idea of Bigfoot and other lore, visit the Cryptozoology Museum in Portland.

If you are not a fan of the darker side of October, lighter-spirited oddities are abundant throughout the state; in Woodstock, Maine is an enormous statue of a crank telephone.   It commemorates the last crank phone call made in 1981, in that town, before that local phone system became part of the world of direct dial, the last of its kind.

If your sweet tooth loves October for its chocolate more than the goose bumps on the back  of your neck, visit the giant chocolate moose at Len Libby’s Candies in Scarborough.

The Moxie Bottle House in Union boasts a 30-foot tall model of your favorite New England soft drink!

Maine is full of unique adventures to experience.  For more ideas, click here.